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Simple. Fresh. Delicious.

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The pizza arrives still steaming from the wood burning oven. The crust is super thin, with a black blistered
crown, it is chewy and crisp all at once.

Artisans: We achieve our goal of fine Artisan Italian style pizza with a state-of-the-art, mobile, wood burning pizza oven. Fresh, wholesome, flavorful, from the garden and farmer's market ingredients, all baked to perfection from earth's natural source of heat.

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Derived from the name of the next generation of Artisans, Sebastian and Stella, Sebella's FIre is a family rooted in the culinary arts of Kansas City, dedicated to spreading the Artisan way. Our passion for creating fresh and flavorful food is only matched by our dedication to it's perfection!


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Phone: 816.525.2935
To-Go Line: 816.525.2924